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Some 70 years after the resumption of meat eating among the Japanese, it had spread through the population but was generally consumed only in small quantities [Miyazaki 1987:72-3]. 6.3. Cute Japanese youngsters are filmed running towards a hovering cow nipple which showers them with milk. Add coconut milk to cooking food. Milk, cream, lactage, sperm. Ни leche i fi na Ь nas- hu. I added coconut milk to my cooking. Gumigimen yo' leche kada oga'an. I drink milk every morning.

leche 2. Expression similar to the English words gee, golly, gosh, etc. Considered taboo by older speakers. lechen niyok 2. Something is happening to dairy ads these days, and we don't like it one bit.

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out the meaning of a commercial. But not this Japanese milk commercial that was showcased on The Ellen Show. CHUN. штат police F585 station; camp, barracks. [Fl-_IJ 'EH londen colonization [ЕЁ tondenhei agricultural soldiers, colonizers fpolice station ЕЁ? tonsho post, quarters, military station; ”Ё ton-ei military camp, barracks, camping 5 ‚,на 5-1: Nonstandard for Ё 1115. III 6 ÉL See 3856. 7 $ 36 NYÜ. N. Hatakeyama Research and Development Center for Dairy Farming, Sapporo, Japan In recent years, the feature of Japanese dairy farms is the diversification of dairy feeding, breeding and milking technology.

In particular, automatic milking system (AM-system) is one of the expectant technologies. If you remember all the creative “Got Milk?” ads that were so prevalent during the '90s and the “Milk: It Does a Body Good” campaign before that, maybe this strange Japanese commercial will make more sense.

Jin Kawaguchiya gave up a career in finance to help revive Japan's ailing dairy industry -- one robot at a time. In a country that relies increasingly on imported foods like cheese and butter, Japan's milk output tumbled over two decades, touching a 30-year low in 2014.

Japanese Human Milking! 30 сек.Japanese basketball players imagine they're giants. 6 мин.A.