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Received: 06 January 2014; Accepted: 09 April 2014; Published: 25 April 2014. AbstractAbstract. The effect of screening and treatment for abnormal vaginal flora on the reduction of preterm deliveries remains controversial. The Nugent score system was not adequate for evaluating the normal and intermediate vaginal flora in women over the age of 40 years.

during routine gynecologic examinations (Papanicolaou [Pap] smear tests) in three clinics (located in Udine, Bologna, and Trieste) in northern Italy from April 1998 to April 2001. Download citation | Definition and class. | Studying the vaginal microflora is not only fascinating, with many discoveries to be made, it is also a very practical way to help women get rid of bothersome and sometimes dangerous infections.

Background:To evaluate associations between alterations in vaginal flora and clinical symptoms in low-risk pregnant women. Methods:Vaginal specimens from 245 pregnant women were analyzed. To keep your vagina healthy and clean, try a little hydrogen peroxide to restore normal vaginal bacteria. Here's why it works. It is also possible that the infections that have been associated with preterm birth are markers for another infection that is causally associated with preterm birth, or that a change in vaginal flora is associated with both preterm birth and certain infections.

Lactobacillus iners seems to be a species of lactobacilli occurring in the human vagina that deserves close scrutiny, as it was not found in earlier studies due to its peculiar culture requirements but is now discussed as one of the normal vaginal bacteria (1, 4).

Following up on the interesting paper by Ferris et al. Its presence represents a change in the vaginal ecosystem, specifically a decrease in lactobacilli, which is part of the normal flora; a proliferation of pathogenic inhabitants of the vagina; and an elevation of pH ()4.5). Vaginal flora or vaginal microbiota are the microorganisms that colonize the vagina. It was discovered by the German gynecologist Albert Döderlein in 1892, and are part of the overall human flora.

The amount and type of bacteria present have significant implications for a woman's overall health. The vaginal flora hinders infections and discomforts like itch and discharge. More on the protective vaginal flora and what it means for your vaginal health. Vaginal microbiome studies provide information that may change the way we define vaginal flora. Normal flora appears dominated by one or two species of Lactobacillus. Significant numbers of healthy women lack appreciable numbers of vaginal lactobacilli.

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Here is Mrs. Abstract. The vaginal ecology of 463 community-dwelling postmenopausal women was characterized. Vaginal lactobacilli were present in 62% of the women and were significantly more prevalent among women receiving hormone replacement therapy during the previous year.

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0162-0886/84/0602-0028$02.00. Bacterial Flora of the Vagina: Quantitative Study. John G. Bartlett and B. Frank Polk From the Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University.

STUDY DESIGN, SIZE, DURATION: A cohort of 130 infertile patients, 90% Caucasians, attending two Danish fertility clinics for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment from April 2014-December 2014 were prospectively enrolled in the trial.